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Whether it’s asset tracking, warehouse management or simply order processing, we believe we have the solution to take your business forward.

Management (WMS)

State-of-the-art warehouse management (WMS) and control (WCS) using any combination of our auto-id technologies (barcode, RFID, voice).

Using any of the auto-id technologies Red Ledge offer (barcode, RFID, voice recognition), you will increase the efficiency of your warehouse by at least 20% from a manual, paper-based system. Indeed, you can expect an efficiency of between 99.89% and 100%, which in turn will reduce your warehouse costs (in terms of employees, cost of returns, speed of operations, etc.). Customer service levels will increase and hence customer satisfaction. A return on investment (ROI) of less than 12 months is not unusual. The Red Ledge WMS is a proven, state-of-the-art solution that gives you complete visibility of your warehouses including graphical representation of your locations. User definable key performance indicators and alerts come as standard.

This real-time system is configurable to suit all types of warehouse including E-Commerce, 3PL and Manufacturing. It provides the vital control and accuracy that is lacking in any manual operation.

Red Ledge provide seamless interfacing to most (if not all) legacy and ERP systems including; Microsoft Dynamics (Navision), SAGE and SAP. For delivery of goods, we interface to most 3rd party logistics companies (e.g. DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, etc.) as well as Metapack and Smartfreight.

Download the brochure or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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Production Management (MAPS)

Manage, track and control manufacturing and production using barcode or RFID technology. Interface to production machinery and print warehouse or despatch labels.

  • Increase productivity and accuracy
  • Track machine and employee performance, job status, shelf life of equipment, machine utilisation (and much more)
  • Automatically replenish equipment or parts
  • Visibilty of information concerning orders or individual jobs at the touch of a button
  • Track individual components into an assembly for total batch/lot traceability
  • Creation of your own production routing (using drag-and-drop technology)
  • Bill-of-materials including components and tasks
  • Audio-visual aids for production personnel
  • Production machine interfacing is optionally available (e.g. torque machines, robotic arms, etching systems, fill stations, etc.)
  • Automatically produce accurate warehouse and despatch labelling

Download the brochure or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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Asset Tracking
and Management

Ideal for a mobile work force, this system is used for various applications including proof of delivery.

  • Asset Tracking and Job Scheduling
  • Assets are tracked over any number of locations
  • Ability to create kits
  • Stock management and warranty tracability
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop task creation and scheduling
  • Ensures all tasks are carried out by a correctly skilled employee
  • Managers and supervisors are warned via email of escalated/uncompleted tasks
  • Mobile workforce have easy-to-use mobile terminals with touchscreens and built-in scanner with automatic connection via WIFI and 3G
  • Signature capture using touchscreen technology is included
  • Any faults or issues found during inspection are automatically reported to the appropriate department via email and jobs can be scheduled automatically
  • Multi-media can be used to help guide and instruct the employee
  • Full management reporting including historical analysis for auditing purposes
  • Suitable for all industry and government sectors

Download the brochure or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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Simple to use sales and purchase order processing (includes quotations, pro-forma, invoicing, delivery notes, emailing).

  • Our powerful sales and purchase order processing system puts you in control of everything from quotation through to invoicing.
  • The system has been designed to prevent human error, speed up despatch, allow purchasers to take full advantage of new technologies, and improve customer perception of your brand.
  • Immediate information on stock levels, purchase order expected dates, delivery estimates, etc.
  • Purchase requirement information for components is automatically calculated, taking into account items already on order.
  • Alter product descriptions and prices on an individual order basis without affecting past or future orders
  • Immediate price history, margin reports and loss warnings
  • Unique ‘product alias’ feature, allows customers to order using their own product codes
  • Accepts orders via the web, email, mobile phone or EDI, with no interaction required from your sales staff
  • Orders can be released to production or warehousing automatically, or stored for review
  • Automatically send emails to customers advising them of order and payment status
  • Provides multi-currency credit card processing through PROTX, including pre-authorisation and refunding.

The Red Ledge Order Processing System is a proven, state-of-the-art solution that gives you complete visibility of your orders and stock.

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